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TL;DR: I have developed a little Flask extension for DynamoDB, using PynamoDB. Here is my GitHub repository, and the documentation.


Writing web APIs in Python is fun! I wanted to write a small API with Flask & Flask-RESTX, and my DB was DynamoDB in AWS.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with DynamoDB at all. What am I going to do? Research for the best solution for integrating with DynamoDB! The best solution would be an ORM-like solution for DynamoDB.

After searching a little bit on Google, I have found the following solutions:
1. Boto3: a Python SDK for AWS services, including…

These days, it becomes popular to use web APIs to connect to the cloud, integrate a particular service inside your application, or automating a process based on information from another platform. Essentially, API is everywhere! But how can we use an API by ourselves?

Read the Docs!

Before jumping into code, we have to understand how we should interact with the API. Let’s read the docs!

In case we need to choose an API from a bunch of services, it might be a good idea to check the following:

  1. HTTP or HTTPS: prefer HTTPS — it is SECURED. When using HTTP, the traffic…

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